Free Webinar:
September 20th, 2023
4:00 PM  – 5:00 PM CEST

Holistic Life Cycle Management for BESS (Battery Energy Storage Systems)!

Batteries from Cradle to Cradle - Intelligent Planning for Efficient BESS Management

Battery Energy Storage Systems are often underutilized!
In this Webinar we combine the focus of the BESS from cradle to cradle so you will get an insight into what will improve the performance of your BESS.

Enel will open the webinar with an overview on the challenges to be faced to operate and maintain BESS plants in the light of a sharp increase in cost and volatile market conditions.

Sinovoltaics' "Zero Risk BESS" proposition starts even before commissioning by conducting Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) of PV and BESS modules. This plays a crucial role in identifying potential quality defects to ensure a safe and efficient start of operation.

Handing the BESS over to the O&M one big part plays battery monitoring from volytica. Check out how trend analysis, determination of stress level and anomaly detection will increase utilization and reduce downtime demonstrated by a real-life example.


04:00 PM Welcome
04:05 PM Enel Green Power S.p.A.:
BESS Diagnostic for reducing O&M cost and becoming peak hunters

- Fleet overview
- Challenges for BESS operation & maintenance
04:15 PM Sinovoltaics Group Limited:
Overview of Quality Defects found during Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)

- Reasons for FAT
- Visual inspection and functional test
04:30 PM volytica diagnostics GmbH:
Battery Diagnostics for Holistic Life Cycle Management

- Causes for Battery failures
- Real Life Examples for Anomaly Detection
04:45 PM Question and Answers

Speaker Overview:


BESS Diagnostic for reducing O&M cost and becoming peak hunters


Speaker: Vincenzo Putignano, Head of O&M BESS at global level


Vincenzo is currently leading the O&M BESS unit in Enel at global level. After gaining O&M experience in some thermal powerplants (coal and gas fired) of the Italian fleet and starting up the Remote Predictive Diagnostic Center, Vincenzo is supporting together with the team the great growth of this new technology in Enel (more than 3 GW in operation by 2024).

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Arthur Claire

BESS – An Overview of Quality Defects found during Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)


Speaker: Arthur Claire, Head of Technology


As Head of Technology for Sinovoltaics, Arthur supports IPPs and EPCs to deploy high-quality and reliable solar modules and energy storage systems through traceability and inspection services. His strong understanding of the different technologies and market players relevant to the industry allows him to provide a detailed and thorough analysis of those accelerating industries.

Volytica Team - Claudius Jehle

Battery Diagnostics for Holistic Life Cycle Management


Speaker: Claudius Jehle, CEO and Founder


Claudius Jehle is founder and CEO of volytica diagnostics GmbH, a company focused on independent battery diagnostics. After studying Mechanical Engineering and System Identification at TU Munich and TU Delft until 2012, he was leading the research group Energy Storage Diagnostics and Telematics at the Fraunhofer Institute for Transportation & Infrastructure Systems IVI, Dresden. Besides, he gives lectures on Battery Basics and Battery Degradation and writes knowledge-based articles on the global topic of batteries.

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