Proactive Battery Monitoring

Independent and manufacturer-agnostic battery diagnostics from e-mobility to renewable energy storage.

The Pioneer in Battery Analysis

Make informed decisions for the safe, sustainable, and efficient use of any battery with our easily accessible and agnostic battery monitoring. The volytica technology is a scalable and unique software for analysing field data transmitted by battery systems. We provide valuable insights into degradation, state of health, anomalies, safety risks, and additional advanced functionalities.

Enhance Safety Protocols

Ensure Safety with Continuous Monitoring

Maximize Performance & Longevity

Maximize Performance & Longevity

Save Costs

Save Costs through Early Warnings

Optimize Maintenance Schedules

Optimize Maintenance Schedules

Keep Your Batteries Safe and Running

Our algorithms don't require time-consuming initial training or lab testing. They benefit from the wealth of information contained in real data. We prioritize interoperability, integration with third-party platforms, ease of set-up, and scalability.

1. Diagnostics

AI- and electrochemistry-based, celltype-independent algorithms determine the current state of your battery system.

2. Predictions

Scenario-based prediction of the remaining useful life and derivation of optimisation potential and recommendations.

3. Automation

The highly scalable API-integrated cloud platform enables you to automatically monitor the safety of your battery systems at all times.

Why Battery Monitoring?

Batteries play an integral and growing role in an electrified world. But they are also complex systems, vulnerable to degradation and performance changes. Our goal: provide innovative solutions that make it easy to determine the battery’s condition.

Battery Degradation

Diagnostic Challenges

Competing Market Forces

Ubiquitous Usage

Commissioning Challenges

Heterogeneous Data Sources

Lack of Standardization

Emerging Industry

Warranty Challenges

Knowledge Gap


On a Global Mission

Using the wealth of battery data available, volytica’s cutting-edge technology provides unrivalled insight to close the gaps in the power system and revolutionise battery diagnostics for all kinds of global applications. Our clients operate worldwide, and so do we.

ongoing monitoring projects

upcoming monitoring projects

Ongoing monitoring projects:

Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Switzerland, UK, USA

Upcoming monitoring projects:

Brazil, Chile, France, North America, Peru, Spain

Trusted By

Enel X S.r.l.

Enel Green Power

Battery Analytics for Your Industry

Our battery monitoring empowers a wide range of industries to improve the efficiency, performance, and safety of their battery systems. Whether in the transport sector, stationary systems, industrial equipment or for banks, lessors and insurance companies to calculate and minimize the risk of loss of value: our customers rely on our many years of expertise.

Solutions for the Transport Sector

Battery Diagnostics for E-Busses


Battery Analytics for Cars


Battery Monitoring for Trucks


Battery Solution for Trains


Solutions for Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)

Manufacturer Services


Save Costs




Optimize Maintenance Schedules


Interested in Joining Our Amazing Team?

If you want to join a dynamic and progressive company with a passion for innovation and a commitment to cultural integration, volytica diagnostics is the perfect place for you!

Careers at volytica diagnostics

News and Insights

April 8, 2024 // Press Article // EN

Enel Green Power selects volytica for BESS battery diagnostics

Big news: Enel Green Power, a global leader in renewable energy, has selected our solution for five of their BESS plants to increase battery efficiency and reliability.
Industrial Battery Monitoring
February 14, 2024 // Press Article // EN

Battery monitoring provides key trend analysis on degradation, safety and availability.

Claudius Jehle, CEO and founder of volytica explains how to avoid not only short-term failures in storage systems, but also cell defects with potentially safety-critical fire risks.
January 9, 2024 // Press Article // EN

volytica partners with Bridgestone and Webfleet to set new industry standards with its brand-new EV Services Platform

Bridgestone and Webfleet selected battery diagnostics leader volytica as one of the 12 partners for the launch of their new platform unifying energy and mobility service providers. The goal is to enable providers from both industries to collaborate and connect and ultimately accelerate electric mobility globally.
December 12, 2023 // Press Article // EN

Enel X selects volytica for dedicated battery diagnostics in electric buses.

In an exciting new collaboration aimed at redefining the landscape of electric bus fleet management, volytica proudly announces it will be partnering with Enel X. The collaboration will start off with the deployment of the largest electric fleet of E-busses in Latin America, showing the transformative capabilities Enel X and volytica’s software solutions provide. Introducing an innovative battery diagnostics system (BDS) for real-time monitoring, this strategic alliance establishes a groundbreaking standard for operational efficiency, sustainability, and transparency within the electric transportation sector.
October 20, 2023 // Press Article // EN

“Everything revolves around the value of the battery”

The commercial vehicle industry and transport fleets are facing enormous challenges when it comes to decarbonizing road transport. Electrified trucks with battery-electric drive trains, which are now production-ready following extensive practical testing, are part of the solution. What characterizes a truck and bus battery of the future in terms of performance and range? Claudius Jehle is a leading international battery diagnostics expert. In an interview with TRATON, the founder and CEO of volytica diagnostics GmbH explains why it is crucial for the mobility transition that e-truck and e-bus batteries are systematically analyzed.
October 5, 2023 // Press Article // EN

Mechanical stress and physical damage as causes for battery fire

The terrible incident that occurred in Mestre/Venice on the evening of Tuesday, October 3rd, has relaunched the debate on the challenges posed by electric vehicles in terms of fire risk. The electric bus, manufactured by the Chinese group Yutong (the largest bus manufacturer in the world as well as one of the top sellers world […].
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