June 16, 2022 // Podcast // EN

The SmarterE Podcast with Claudius: Second Life as a leverage to refinance the transition?

Topic: Refinancing through Second Life

The switch to electrifying transport, logistics, mobility as such comes with a big price tag because it’s just such a systemic switch. If you, for example, are a bus fleet operator in a city, those buses actually cost almost double than a diesel bus. Of course there are a lot of subsidies, but that’s a big price tag for a fleet operator. If you use the battery for a second usage scenario after its first use, you can get a portion of the original cost back. This means that the battery in the bus has been used properly and is still usable for a second use. What can you do with a battery that has spent a few years in a bus? What needs to be done to really use batteries properly? And what role does monitoring play in this? As a guest on The SmarterE Podcast, our CEO, Claudius Jehle, gives the right answers.

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Length: 36:21 min
YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9NoDM5_M54w

Or listen on EES Europe: https://www.ees-europe.com/podcast/refinanzierung-durch-second-life

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