May 2, 2022 // News // EN

Enspired Webinar: The Rise of Batteries

A 360 degree view from asset development to continuous intraday trading

Securing revenue streams for battery storage is a critical pillar of the energy transition. As one of the most versatile flexible assets, commercial optimisation of batteries requires a cross-market approach and use of state-of-the-art technologies, ultimately impacting the whole lifecycle from system sizing all the way to trading.

Lack of comprehensive knowledge and experience leave professionals from all industries wondering what to truly expect from these assets – existing owners struggle to optimise their batteries and prospective developers are having a hard time building a business case for them. As a result, many are left wondering if batteries are the solution from a commercial perspective, and if so, what should their strategy be and where should they start?

This webinar will demystify the topic of batteries: openly discussing the challenges as well as highlighting the opportunities. A wide range of thought leaders from across the battery spectrum will provide practical insights and guidance around:

– Asset development and operation
– Latest battery technologies
– Battery analytics and intelligence
– Optimization and trading
– Projections of how this important market is set to develop

Speakers include:
Jean-Baptiste de Gabory – Head of Power short-term trading – Uniper
Jürgen Mayerhofer – CEO & Co-Founder – enspired
Claudius Jehle – CEO – Volytica
Stefan Spirk – CEO – Ecolyte
Stefan Lindtner – CTO – CCE
Marian Kilen – Central Europe Key Account Manager – Nord Pool
Caroline Clapham – Corporate M&A Partner – Eversheds Sutherland
Ben Hillary – Managing Director – Commodities People

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